Official Family Crest and "Grandes Armes"

a winged lion comprised of :
a bag of wheat divided in 3
a shield with 7 angles
a wing divided in 7
a tail divided in 13
a body divided in 21
a circle within a circle (GC)
The full design includes a stylized
Sun framed by 4 Lotus Flowers
The full coat of arms includes the creed translated into French
as the official language adopted by our branch of the family.
"Search the Light through Beauty"





Ahmad Sultan Chamlou
Addu Beg Chamlou (Father in Law of Ismail I)
Hussein Khan Chamlou (1534)
Hossein Khan Chamlou (Governor of Lors Pushtkuh)
Hassan Khan Chamlou
Mirza Vali Khan Chamlou (Governor)

Ali Gholi Khan Chamlou (Governor of Khorassan, Chief of the Armies of King Shah Abbas I 1588)
Jauni Beg Khan Bigdili-e-Chamlou (1629)
Sinan Khan Chamlou (Ambassador of Shah Abbas I to Emperor Rudolph II of Hapsburg)
Mohammad Gholi Khan Bigdili-e-Chamlou
Dormish Khan Chamlou (Brother in law of Shah Ismail I and Governor of Isphahan)
Murteza Gulu Khan Chamlou-Ardebili (Inventor of the "Shekasteh Nastaligh" Calligraphic Style)
Abbas Gholi Khan Chamlou-Shahsevan (Governor of Herat, 1812)
Mu'min Khan Chamlou (Grand Vizier,  1699-1707)
Mohammad Zaman Khan Chamlou (1711)
Mohammad Ali Khan Bigdili-e-Chamlou (Grand Vizier, 1722)
Zaynal Khan Chamlou
Murshid Gholi Khan Ustajlu-e-Chamlou
Heydar Gholi Khan Ghiai-e-Chamlou I
Mirza Ali Akbar Khan Ghiai-e-Chamlou
Manoucheher Ghiai-e-Chamlou (Governor of Tehran)
Heydar Gholi Khan Ghiai-e-Chamlou II (Architect and Aide de Camp of the Imperial Court of Iran under Emperor Mohammad Reza Pahlavi)
Mohtaram Khanum Ghiai-e-Chamlou
Mariette Khanum Ghiai-e-Chamlou
Yves Farhad Khan Ghiai-e-Chamlou
Claude Parviz Khan Ghiai-e-Chamlou
Alain Mehdi Khan Ghiai-e-Chamlou
Christine Khanum Ghiai-e-Chamlou
Lili Khanum Ghiai-e-Chamlou
Anahita Celia Khanum Ghiai-e-Chamlou
Shahpur Nicolai Heydar Khan Ghiai-e-Chamlou
Aryana Mithra Khanum Ghiai-e-Chamlou
Cyrus Alexis Jubran Khan Ghiai-e-Chamlou
Azita Riginka Khanum Ghiai-e-Chamlou